SRE is recruiting Alliance Real Estate Agencies (Agents) and Alliance Mortgage Lenders (Brokers)

Alliance Real Estate Agencies (Agents)

  • Alliance Real Estate Agencies (Agents) will receive leads from the Multi-Solution Platform

  • Alliance Real Estate Agencies (Agents) will provide full service for customer satisfaction

  • Alliance Real Estate Agencies may have their own team of agents

2016 Transaction Amount of Honolulu Agency

$824,906,827by 6-agent team

*$137,484,470 on average per agent

Alliance Mortgage Lenders (Brokers)

  • Alliance Mortgage Lenders (Brokers) will receive leads from the Multi-Solution Platform

  • Alliance Mortgage Lenders (Brokers) will have the right to use the Smart Homebuyer Solution (i.e., $20,000 on average*) which can be used for the client's expense such as closing costs

  • Alliance Mortgage Lenders (Brokers) will provide the best mortgage loan and the most efficient service for customer satisfaction

  • *Based on actual transactions by SRE in Hawaii for 2016

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Company Overview

  • 2014: SRE Matrix, Inc. established in Honolulu, Hawaii as an exclusive agency for homebuyers
  • 2015: SRE developed the Smart Homebuyer Solution for the benefit of homebuyers
  • 2016: SRE Technologies, Inc. established in Scottsdale, Arizona
  • 2016: SRE developed the Multi-Solution Platform with a nationwide real estate service network & nationwide real estate listings
  • 2017: SRE developed the Smart Mortgage Solution
  • 2017: SRE moved its headquarters to Santa Monica, California (100 Wilshire Blvd. Ste 1230, Santa Monica, CA 90401)
Nationwide Service Network

Our expert agents in your nearest area will provide full-service for customer satisfaction.

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