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About Us

About Us

Takeshi Sekiguchi, Founder & Chairman of SRE, has been involved in the U.S. real estate development, investment and management business for the past 50 years. Learning from his past experience, he established SRE (SRE Matrix Inc., SRE Technologies Inc.) and developed the Multi-Solution Platform with various solutions, which returns most of the savings brought about by the latest technology to consumers. Unfortunately, even until this day, these savings were not shared to consumers.

Takeshi Sekiguchi is a very visionary business person and always challenges to create big projects for the benefit of the community. Some of his major accomplishments are as follows:

  1. He developed the 642-acres Ko Olina Resort (1.5 times the size of the entire Waikiki), which was a retreat of the King Kamehameha family. Ko Olina is now the center of Oahu’s “second-city” known as Kapolei Town, which is currently a community of over 150,000 residents.
  2. He developed the Wailea Resort in Maui, which is comprised of the Grand Wailea Resort & Spa and Four Seasons Wailea, resulting in Maui becoming the #1 Ocean Resort Island in the world.
  3. He purchased over 1,000-acres of prime ocean resort property in Isabela, Puerto Rico, located east of the second largest international airport known as Rafael Hernández Airport, in which the master plan to redevelop it was approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The project is currently in development by his partner and will become the hub of the Caribbean region.
  4. He developed the “Kaloko Commercial Center” (240-acres), and currently, he is planning to develop “Kaloko Residential Park” (1,100-acres) located near Kona International Airport on the Big Island of Hawaii. This town will become a community of over 20,000 residents.

Company Overview

  • 2014: SRE Matrix, Inc. established in Honolulu, Hawaii as an exclusive agency for homebuyers
  • 2015: SRE developed the Smart Homebuyer Solution for the benefit of homebuyers
  • 2016: SRE Technologies, Inc. established in Scottsdale, Arizona
  • 2016: SRE developed the Multi-Solution Platform with a nationwide real estate service network & nationwide real estate listings
  • 2017: SRE developed the Smart Mortgage Solution
  • 2017: SRE moved its headquarters to Santa Monica, California (100 Wilshire Blvd. Ste 1230, Santa Monica, CA 90401)
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