Smart Homebuyer Solution

SRE has dramatically reduced our business costs by using the latest technology and has developed the innovative Smart Homebuyer Solution for consumers.

Smart Homebuyer Solution

Biggest Savings

SRE will rebate to Homebuyers all of our brokerage commission exceeding 1% of the purchase price. Our clients save $20,000 on average when buying a home with SRE. Nationwide, that's a potential savings of $40 billion.

Full Service for Customer Satisfaction

SRE has a nationwide service network with Smart Alliance Agencies in each state (50 states) and will provide full services for customer satisfaction.

Company Overview

  • 2014: SRE Matrix, Inc. launched in Honolulu, Hawaii as a specialized exclusive agency for homebuyers
  • 2015: SRE developed the Smart Homebuyer Solution for the benefit of homebuyers
  • 2016: SRE Technologies, Inc. launched in Scottsdale, Arizona
  • 2016: SRE developed the Smart Solution Platform with nationwide real estate service network & nationwide real estate listings
  • 2017: SRE Home Loans, Inc. launched in Scottsdale, Arizona and developed the Smart Mortgage Solution
  • 2017: SRE moved its headquarters to Santa Monica, California (100 Wilshire Blvd. Ste 1230, Santa Monica, CA 90401)