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Loan Amounts up to $400,000

15 Year Fixed

1.55%~ Interest Rate
1.55%~ APR

30 Year Fixed       

5.625%~ Interest Rate
5.650%~ APR

Loan Amounts up to $600,000

15 Year Fixed

2.75%~ Interest Rate
2.75%~ APR

30 Year Fixed       

5.500%~ Interest Rate
5.516%~ APR

Loan Amount up to $2,000,000

15 Year Fixed

4.875%~ Interest Rate
4.917%~ APR

30 Year Fixed       

5.000%~ Interest Rate
5.025%~ APR

Fixed rate(s) & APR are offered to the highest qualified customers through our investors or partner lenders and can change daily. Your fixed rate(s) & APR may be different depending on your qualifications. Lowest rates are reserved for the most credit worthy customers. Loans are originated by our partner lenders and not by SRE.com. Not all products are offered in all states. Limited funds available. Products, rates, benefits, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Any rates stated on this website are for informational purpose only. SRE.com is not a lender and is not offering loan terms or soliciting mortgage loans.

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