Fixed Rate & APR

Refinance & New Purchases

Fixed rate(s) & APR are offered to the most credit worthy customers through our investors or partner lenders, not by SRE.com, and may change. Your fixed rate(s) & APR may be vary depending on your credit score, loan amount, terms and other details.

Testimonials reflect interest rates obtained by actual customers based upon loan programs available at that time. Rates stated in the testimonials may change at any time and not be currently available to customers.

SRE.com Innovative Services


SRE Professional Experts (SPE)

SPE will provide the most efficient service
the customer’s satisfaction


Low Interest Rates

SPE will provide the most suited loan that
meets the customer’s qualifications


Rebate to Customers

SPE will rebate 20% of
their commission to you!

SRE.com Strategic Management

Sharing benefits with customers

Business Model

Reward customers with the dividends brought about
by the SRE Multi-Solution Platform

Sharing benefits with lenders

Marketing Strategy

Reimagine the way to win market share and
lead the US$11 trillion mortgage market for the consumer’s benefit

Sharing benefits with stakeholders

Financial Strategy

Provide an opportunity to capture gains by
consolidating the world’s largest fragmented market

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